Solar Panel Installation

We provide an experienced and highly skilled solar panel installation service for your home or business. High performing panels to give you the maximum return for your solar system. Professionally and expertly fitted

Battery Storage Systems

Kinetic Renewables provide the very best battery storage systems to give you a reliable and efficient way to store the excess energy generated by you solar panels or other renewable energy sources. With the increasing popularity of solar energy systems, battery storage systems have become an essential component of a complete renewable energy solution. By installing a battery storage system, customers can store the excess energy generated during the day and use it at night or during periods of high energy demand, reducing their reliance on the traditional power grid

EV Charger Installation

By offering high-quality, reliable EV charging installation services, customers can feel confident in keeping their EV Cars charged at all times, We offer a variety of EV charge points

Renewable Hot Water

Renewable Hot Water solutions are available but utilising excess Solar PV generation. The intelligent systems monitor your homes electricity export, and before you send it back to the grid, they activate your immersion heater, heating your hot water.

Simple, and very efficient way to ensure you use every possible bit of the solar PV that you have produced. It also help reduce gas consumption by heating the water in your cylinder, negating the need for your gas boiler to kick in.


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